When my job of 17 years (in a local mill) went by the wayside, I decided to use my skills with a plasma cutter and repurposed one of their discarded byproducts (saw blades) in a new direction—art. My work is done with a plasma cutter, electrically heated air. All of my pieces are hand cut by me. Some of the art is mounted on either rocks or driftwood. Living close to Mt. Hood, I sometimes use lava rock or quartz. When at the coast I look for unique pieces of driftwood to incorporate into pieces. I try to do natural processes and not use chemicals. The pieces that are a rusty patina are all left at the coast to rust to a natural fine patina that only comes from salt air. The blues in high carbon steel and the gold in the stainless steel all come from heating the metal with a torch. My studios are at my home in Parkdale, Oregon and Surfside Washington.

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