Collars and cuffs for men and women from The Cotton Collection. Each item in this collection has a feminine twist on a masculine classic and are designed for ALL. Also in this collection, necklaces from recycled men's shirts create light weight statement pieces— colorful and comfortable. Pocket-to-Go is a small tapestry cross-body bag for essentials only. Boyfriend Neckwear, Pocket Squares, and coordinated Boutinnieres — another Tootsie La Rue Fearless Fashion collection from ties, scarves, and other recycled materials. Unisex. Magnetic Fabric Flower Brooches are hand sewn originals from recycled materials to be worn as a brooch on garments, hats, handbags, or hair. Keepsake Design flowers are created from your own special — man's tie collection and can be worn, framed, or combined with a wired stem to create a family heirloom. Other designs include the Cascade Design with multiple flowers, the Textured Collection with yarns and trims, and the Sparkle Collection embellished with vintage jewelry pieces.

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